Executive Committee

At the April meeting of the general membership the entire Council elects the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The Ice Scheduler is appointed by the elected officers of the Executive Committee. The ALD's are elected at the general meeting in September. The Referee Representative is appointed by DCHOA.

The Region 4 Hockey Council Executive Committee usually meets the third Wednesday of each month from August to April at 6:00 prior to the general membership meeting.

The "Executive Committee" shall consist of a board of elected officers, the Immediate Past President, Region 4 Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association (WAHA) Directors, the WAHA Region 4 Registrar, the ice scheduler, elected Age Level Directors (Mite through Teen and Girls/Womens) and a representative of DCHOA. All members of the Executive Committee shall be entitled to one vote on all matters.

President    Michael Pagni
Vice President    Sherry Zurawik
Secretary    Kristy Schaefer
Treasurer    Don Gulas
Ice Scheduler    Bill Spohn
Immediate Past President    Jennifer Kurtz
Bantam ALD    Laura Humphrey
PeeWee ALD    Sheila Erbach McGinn
Squirt ALD    Erik Lemke
Red, White and Blue ALD    Andy Mendyk
Girls/Womens ALD    Kathi Woodman
Region 4 Director    Bill Spohn
Region 4 Director    Jerry Kennedy
Region 4 Director    Jeremy Gesicki
Registrar    Tom Hansen
Discipline Committee Chair    Sherry Zurawik