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2017 WAHA Region 4 Boy's Squirt 2B (SQ2B)

Note: All team managers and coaches must read the Special Rules for the WAHA Region 4 Playoffs. You will be responsible for knowing them!

The following is the seeding for this bracket.

Seed Team
1 Janesville Squirt B
2 McFarland Squirt B
3 Oregon Squirt B
Host Wildcats Squirt B
#1) Janesville Squirt B - 8
  Game SQ2B#2
Sun Feb 5, 2017 - 10:30 AM - Madison Ice Arena
Region 4 Rep
Janesville Squirt B
#2) McFarland Squirt B - 7  
Game SQ2B#1
Sat Feb 4, 2017 - 9:15 AM - Madison Ice Arena
McFarland Squirt B - 1
#3) Oregon Squirt B - 1

The following teams will represent these other regions at state.

Note: In case of any conflict, difference, discrepancy between the brackets, game times and/or game locations posted on this website and any other source, the official version will be determined by an official WAHA representative. All decisions by WAHA will be final.

For a map to a given rink, click on the rink in the bracket. You can also reach rink maps from the ArenaMaps or the Region 4 website.